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Find the local business that’s right for you:

It can seem really easy to find a local supplier nowadays: just ask the question on a social media platform or type what you’re looking for into a search engine. But did you know that you get biased results? The system is run by an algorithm that is designed to make your life better by giving you results it thinks you want to see. But actually, in reality, it means you only ever see a proportion of the results on offer, and that local business that could be perfect for your needs may very well get missed off. More than that, when you search on social media, the consistency of the results is unreliable. If you were to search for the same type of business on one day and then you repeated the exact same search on another day, you’d get completely different responses. It is very much dependent on who is online at that time, and the responses can take hours to come through. It can be a very longwinded process. ​


Spotted: App is different. It allows you to type in the product or service you’re looking for and a list of businesses will appear instantly based on their location only, with the closest company to you at the top. Then you can browse through and decide what’s best for you, knowing you’ve got all the answers to hand.
There are different ways the app can work for you:

  • You can use the search bar allowing the app to instantly match all the businesses that include the word(s) in their description
  • You can use the standard filter system to match against pre-determined categories
  • Alternatively, you can upload details about the job you need a quote for and have the local businesses contact you.
  • Whatever your preference, the app works for you not around you.


    How To Get Started:

    • Download the free app (click on the App / Android logo)
    • Create an account
    • Start to browse instantly and find businesses in your local community

    Fair for Everyone

    To make sure the Spotted: App is fair for everyone, and remains so, to mark our 1st birthday we’re giving 10,000 businesses free lifetime listings on the app. With every business treated the same, you’ll always get a fair result. We’re in this to help build communities not to make money.

    Instantly browse your local businesses

    Please help spread the word about the app and help our local businesses