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Connect With Your Local Community:

If someone in your local area is searching for a product or service that you sell, you’d want to know about it, right? But how do you find that out at the moment? Hope someone tags you on social media? Keep an eye on all the local social media groups? ​


Or you could just get the notification from the Spotted: App. We do all the hard work for you, and we make sure that when a potential customer close to you is trying to find a supplier, you’ll be top of the list. Our app lists all suppliers based on their location, with the closest first. There is no other intelligence involved that will prevent your company from appearing. Quite simply, if your business is listed, a consumer in your local community will see it.


This is designed to help you showcase all of your skills

How Does It Work?

We designed the app to make connecting with local customers quick and easy, and so we’ve made sure that using the app is as simple as possible. Just some of the great features include:

  • Every business can add unlimited services, and there are no restrictions on the word count or level of description, giving you the opportunity to really share what you can do and reach the customers you’re looking for
  • -A consumer can upload details about the job they need a quote for and have the local businesses contact them – we’ll simply notify you if someone in your area is looking for your service.

  • By listing the areas you cover, you’ll have full control over where you are found
  • The app is a completely free service to businesses, giving you unparalleled exposure to customers in your local community
  • You are not bound to a contract, and as long as you remain an active user (to be fair to the consumers looking for suppliers) then you can stay on the app for as long as you want
  • There are no commission charges. No matter how much business you win through the app, the funds are always 100% yours
  • You can track your performance and see how many people have viewed your profile and have clicked through to your website, meaning you can monitor how the app is working for you


Fair for Everyone

To make sure the Spotted: App is fair for everyone, and remains so, to mark our 1st birthday we’re giving 10,000 businesses free lifetime access to the app. You literally have everything to gain and nothing to lose, so if you’re not on the app, download it for free now and instantly add your business.

Instantly add your business

Showcase how skilled you are

This is why you have

No contract

You are not bound to a contract

No commission charges

You deserve the money that you have earned

We give you statistics

Profile views

You can see how many profile views you have had

Clickthrough rate

You can see how many people have clicked through to your website (or even a LinkedIn or Facebook profile)