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Spotted: App has been created by Leicestershire entrepreneur John Whitbread. He wanted to change the way that local businesses can reach their customers, making it easier for people to connect without the increasing interference of artificial intelligence.
When John looked into the way that people are currently searching for local businesses, either through websites or social media platforms, he found that algorithms are playing a huge role. Decisions are being made for the customer meaning they aren’t getting all the options available to them.

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John runs a Spotted Facebook group and he sees that people often post about their services or ask for recommendations of a supplier, but as the owner of the group he’s also able to see that things don’t run fairly. People are only ever shown a proportion of the options available to them as the algorithms are trying to predict what people want, only showing what it thinks are ‘most relevant’ comments. But this is just a prediction and so it isn’t always necessarily right.


Take a look at John’s algorithms blog for more details.

Young Business Colleagues

John was determined to create something better; something that impartially links businesses and consumers. This was when he came up with the idea of Spotted: App.


Find out more about John’s story in his Q&A blog.
Whether you’re a business looking for more customers or you’re an individual looking for a good local service, Spotted: App has been created for the sole purpose of making your lives easier. It’s free to download the app that’s very simple to use, and for businesses, it costs just 99p a month to be listed.

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