Spotted: About us

Connecting has never been easier

At Spotted: App we believe in being fair. You may not realise it, but despite the fact that a wealth of information is available at your fingertips in our modern world, you’re not always given all the answers. So often when you’re looking for something, you’re given the answers that the program believes is best for you. Algorithms are always working hard in the background to try to make our online lives better, but that means we’re often given biased or distorted results based on what the system thinks we want to see. But that’s not always what’s best for us.

It was during 2019 that our Spotted: App founder, John Whitbread, first noticed this trend himself. He found that increasingly more and more people were using social media to find local businesses, but not only was this a very longwinded process, but it also wasn’t a fair one. He found that if a person was searching for a particular type of business, the results they got on one day would be completely different to a person searching for the same type of business on another day. There was no consistency. It all depended on who was online at that time, and it could take hours to get any response at all.

That’s when he decided things needed to be simplified. People should be able to search for a local supplier and get all the results laid out for them in an instant, with the closest company first. He strongly believed that people should be able to have all the details to hand so they can make the best choice for them based on their exact needs at that moment, not what a computer system has decided is best for them.

And so the Spotted: App was born. It was deliberately designed to connect consumers and businesses as quickly and as fairly as possible, and it will certainly stay that way. Businesses can’t pay to reach the top of searches, and there are no secret extras. A consumer just types in what they’re looking for and the results appear based on location – with the closest business first.

The consumer can then take a look at the business, find out who they are and what they do, and read any reviews. Then they can decide if they want to use them or not. This simple, straightforward approach is the reason that thousands of businesses and consumers are already using the app, and are already finding that it’s making their lives easier.

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Download the free app today and instantly start connecting with your local community.